Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hot Ladies!

L to R: Allyson, Me, Carissa, Amy, Lisa, & Lindsay

I got invited on THE best girls night out when we all celebrated Lindsay's birthday (far right in the blue striped... sack). She had dressed up so cute to go out for her birthday and we all showed up in our "old lady garb" with a sack of goodies for her to slip into. We sprayed our hair, lowered the chests, sported the knee-high TAUPE stockings... all to complete the beautiful outfits we had purchased at Value Village. We were so sad when we had shopped on Senior Day and we couldn't get a discount. Apparently the discount is for the Senior "person" not the Senior "clothing." Cheap!

After fixing up Lindsay for her night out on the town, we headed for the local muggy basement of the Castle on O'Malley for a little miniature golf. Other than a few thrown-out hips, loss of glasses, and some flashing of the underthings, it was a wonderful affair! The lady running the place had so much fun watching us she gave us 50% off coupons for the next birthday party. Sweet!

Here we have Lindsay showing of her YEARS of miniature golfing skills.

Look at that form!

Amy struggling with her mismatched stockings

Even in my old age I have to cheat at miniature golf... okay, that one was REALLY hard!

Next stop... Village Inn, of course! We stayed for 3 1/2 hours eating, singing, laughing, eating, laughing, taking a million pictures (can I just say, I am NOT photogenic!), laughing, and yes, arm wrestling. I was laughing so hard I have no idea who the champion was! The lady who seated us guessed it was Lindsay's 46th birthday. haha! Poor Lindsay! The hair DID look real though.

Lindsey is the winner! Check out the leg!