Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indiana Jones Birthday

Coyote just celebrated his 8th birthday on June 19th and he was in Indiana Jones HEAVEN! We made an Indy Cake and all of his gifts were Indy oriented. He got the Indy clothes (thanks to Value Village) and his whip that plays the theme song and cool whipping sounds. Happy Birthday little Coyote!

Here's a side view of the cake. We did a Raiders of the Lost Ark cake with a hole cut out in the "sand" full of snakes. Coyote wanted Indy laying on his side saying "I hate snakes."

Here's an areal view of the cake.

We found a COOL giant gummy cobra that Coyote apparently found a little frightening.

The man in his new Indy clothes... even the rectangle bag slung over his chest.

Indy in his element peeking through the trees at something.

Indy posing when he was shot in the arm while driving the truck.

Indy is fighting the huge german on the airplane (okay, it's an Orioles fan)

Pupa didn't want to miss out so she "dressed up" as Marian to pose for a mean pic along side Indy. She has been his side kick ever since.