Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time to go under the knife...

Okay, Cherry really didn't have to go under the knife (thank goodness), but we were so glad to see her surgery go successfully.... so far, so good. She was absolutely amazing without food. She couldn't eat after 5:30 am and they didn't take her back to surgery until 12:30 pm. No food or drink. We were so proud of her! The whole experience was so cute and we weren't worried at all. I was suprised when the time came to wheel her away in the wagon that my eyes teared up and it broke my heart to see them take her away. I couldn't take a picture of that. Anyway, she's like a new kid... pain free! Woo-hoo!!

Pre-surgery, heading for Providence Hospital

Daddy loves his baby girl

Cherry in her tiny hospital gown with tiny booties. So cute!

Bye, bye Little Cherry!

About 30 minutes post-surgery looking just like she did when she arrived, only this time she gets to have her ba-ba.