Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Garbage, platters, & left-overs

Our big dog Shasta learned to jump our fence this summer and so we unfortunately had to start tying him up. He's a sad boy now unless he's going for a walk, burying a bone, or knows he is tied to a rope he can chew through (which is all of them except the kids giant jump rope...go figure). Anyway, we thought we would be moving MUCH sooner where he would have plenty of land to roam BUT... that was not to be.

Last evening my husband and I were quietly sitting at the dining room table talking when we saw the strangest sight. Our neighbor was walking toward the fence with a large plate, no, platter piled with food. This was no small table scraps from dinner but a mountain she had to carry above her shoulder (you know, like a waiter).

Aaron and I were simultaneously saying "no. She is not going to throw that" when suddenly all of the food was flying through the air.... along with the platter! No wonder Katrina has complained so much lately about scooping. This could not sit well in his system. Being the good wife that I am, I promptly told my husband that he needed to talk to her immediately (I didn't want to!).

Needless to say he was very nice but she was mortified. Later I went out to clean up the platter and whatever other nasties were in the yard. Apparently I haven't been out there for a while because I could've sworn my dog had killed some wild game and left its bones all of the yard. This food flinging has been going on for quite some time.

While I was outside I had the chance to talk to one of the construction workers about throwing all of his garbage into our yard when he eats lunch. I told him I'm sure Shasta really appreciates it but my poor daughter doesn't when it's time to scoop. I further explained that she pays nearly $50 per bag of food so that his excrement's will be nice and hard and all of these scraps are really disrupting her scooping plans. He went on to inform me that he had spent some $30-35 on Shasta recently buying him bones. Uh, thanks. My son picked up these so-called bones the other day and they were some nasty pig skin rubbery crap that kept choking our dog.

So here's my question people... do you all fling food and garbage into your neighbors yard because you like their dog? All I have to say is if you do, you'd better stop. When we took our dog in the car today he had gas that would clear a football stadium. This is why we stick with nice, poo-thickening dog food.