Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Hilarious Trip

I completed my SIX HOUR trek to and from Kenai yesterday and picked up my new weight bench and weights. About 45 minutes into the journey I realized that I was CRAZY and thought of turning around. Here I'd left BoBeana (she had a babysitting job) and Stern and headed off on some crazy journey. What was I thinking?? Alas, I kept driving.

After the 300 "are we there yet's" from the children while in the middle of nowhere, we arrived at our destination. Try to picture this in your mind... Our suburban is... we... old. Aaaaand when you are looking at it from the front it looks like someone punched it in the lip so it sort of looks like it's growling. Also, the button that opens that back 'barn doors' has fallen out so we keep it in the ash tray and just have to guide it in a push. Voila! It pops open. Hey, it was a great deal and the engine runs great (words of husband).

So here I am pulling into the driveway with my beauty of a beast and five of my children, oh yeah! and the dog! That was my bright idea. I rang the doorbell and immediately knew that 'Molly' was LDS. One look at her mantle that looked straight out of a Deseret Book magazine and I knew. The bench & weights were just what I was looking for.

I walked out to open the back of the suburban to open the back and start loading. You can imagine my horror when I looked in the ash tray and only the spring was there, NOT the button. What the crap!?! Aaron unloaded the gear after camping over the 4th and broke the #1 rule of the suburban. Never, never put the button in your pocket! I started feeling my armpits moistening as it is sinking in that I just drove three hours with 5 children and a dog for NOTHING!

Oh no. I am not going to let this happen.

I told Jedrick, "son, it's your job to figure out how to fit all of this in the side door." He stared at me blankly while I walked away to bring the weights out. Molly at this point has taken her son into the back yard because I'm sure she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Finally we got that stupid bench in through the side door and I am sweating like a pig (okay, pigs don't really sweat and I know that because we have three outside. LOL).

I'm set to climb back into the truck with my head held high when I notice I am a little light on passengers. Pupa and Cherry are gone! No..... Please........ Yup. They've gone inside the house and made themselves at home pulling out toys and having a great time. Seriously I should have been out of sweat at this point.... and I'm sure my face was not white anymore as it's getting hotter and hotter. Pupa sees 'the look' and heads to the truck. Cherry sees 'the look', smiles, and runs. Ugh. I finally catch her, throw her in the truck and drive away yelling all sorts of things like 'get your seat belts on!' or 'I didn't raise you like this' or 'your dad is so dead!'

We stopped by our friends in Soldotna on the way home and had to let the dog out to do his business. Jedrick strapped his leash (that I purchased at Fred Meyer an hour earlier for $14) to the truck since we were now on the Kenai river with no fence. We all walked inside and the dog ran by the back window. Stupid, stupid dog. It took him 30 seconds to bite through the leash and he was free. To my surprise he just sniffed around then sat down by the back door. I told my friend if he runs off we will be back down in a couple of weeks to pick him back up. I'd already chased a toddler. I was not going to chase down my 100 lb dog.

The three hours home were uneventful since everyone slept. Alas, they slept until 8 pm. That made for a bedtime that was non-existent. Stern just put the gate on Charity's door and we went to bed. Who knows when they all fell asleep.

As far as working out - yesterday I ran on the elliptical while listening to President Monson's talk "Be of Good Cheer." It was a great workout and I love that talk.

Today I realized that my legs are much stronger than I thought they were! Hooray!I love my new weight bench. I'm not sure it was worth all the craziness, but I'm glad I have it.