Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Family Picture

We took a family picture this summer during the Butikofer Family Reunion here in Alaska. Something went weird with ours and it made Bo-Beana taller than me and she looked as tall as her dad. Me no likey.

Can I just say how much I hate taking family pictures. By the time everyone is bathed, dressed in their matchy clothes, hair combed, curled, etc., I've already yelled at everyone profusely, we're all fighting, and then we all say "shut it and smile!" I just don't go there.

This year I had a different idea...

I really wanted a picture this Christmas since we haven't sent out cards for two years. Different story for a different post. As soon as my kids were home from school we all donned our snow gear (it was 5 degrees) and ran outside in the snow. Here's what it solved...

1. Baths... whatever
2. Matchy clothes... I love sepia. No one had to match.
3. Hair combed, curled, etc... Hats. Yes.

We ran outside,laughed, and took four pictures. Done. It was the greatest family picture experience we've had. No stress and no damaging tender feelings for life.

Merry Christmas!!

We would've used this one but Coyotes crazy antics pushed him right out of the picture. We can only see his left ear. Bummer!