Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Flying

Have you guys heard of FlyLady? She has literally SAVED MY LIFE!! I know I am going to sound like an infomercial here but I simply can't keep this to myself.

Let me start off by giving you a peek into my I-hate-everything-about-cleaning brain. It has plagued me since I was a child.

I remember standing at the door to my bedroom and hearing my mother say "you'll stay in there until your room is clean." Was she kidding? It didn't matter that there was carpet on my floor because there was none to be seen. My bed was a mess, closet was empty, drawers were empty, and all games, toys, papers, crayons, etc. were flung everywhere. Yes. I was a slob.

College = Same.

Got married = Same... yet embarrassed and felt the first inkling of a desire to become an organized, clean person.

Years passed, kids came, and many valiant efforts were made... lists got longer, got up earlier, tried a little harder... aaaaaaand slipped back into old habits because it wasn't working
::big frowny face here::

Then I discovered my beloved FlyLady and she promised me that if I would Shine my Sink my whole life would change. She was right. Now I watch this video and cry. I really do. Not like sobbing, ugly-face crying. More like happy, trickling-tears-type crying.

She gives bedtime and morning routines. I have searched for the reason no one else has smelly dishcloths and mine were always foul. I just found out you put the dishcloth and kitchen towel on the washer each night and set out new ones for the morning. If they are left in the sink for a week, they get smelly! Who knew!?! Might I add this is SO easy when my sink is always looking fabulous. Even my kids said "wow, mom. That looks really good."
::beaming smiley face here::

Just doing these three steps (there is tons more on the sight) has completely changed our home, and me. It sounds silly, but I had to follow these lists one-by-one when I started. That's how bad it was. I'm excited to say that the entire routine has become a habit and I only glance at these lists now to see if I have forgotten anything. Big step for me!

I'm happier, my family is happier, and there is time for fun.... it's not always time to do chores anymore. This week, incorporating the Zone Cleaning came naturally and is quick and simple because the clutter is gone. Miraculous!

Here's what I understand about my old, debilitating habits.

1. I didn't know the BASICS of keeping a clean home. It really does all start with the kitchen sink.
2. Every plan I have ever come up with had a Saturday deadline. That rarely happened so I woke up Monday morning already feeling behind. Depressing.

I hope this helps someone that may be in the same boat I was in. This really has changed our home and my life. Is my home spotless you ask? Of course not. There are still eight people living, eating, showering, and who-knows-what-elsing around here :) The difference is... stop by anytime. I no longer suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). My door is open :)