Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthdays, Christmas, & Losing Teeth

Here are some random pics from the last couple of months. Fun times!

Happy 1st Birthday Chubbers!!

"Ooooh. I want that sparkling cake!"

Not-so-happy 1st birthday when you grab the flaming candle! So sad!


Gorgeous Mt. McKinley at sunrise

Chubbers loves the gift Santa brought her

Pupa and Coyote trying very hard to play Mary and Joseph Christmas Eve.

Joseph trying to bring Mary in on a very unstable donkey

Jedrick & Chubbers sharing a moment together

No - it's not Ozzy - it's Pupa just before the snaggle tooth fell out.

Pupa and Cheroo just finishing their tubing run down the huge mountain. Great job girls!!
Is Bo-Beana REALLY 13?? Do I really have a teenager??
::in through the nose, out through the mouth::

Costco frosting is really excessive if the kids can frost their faces with the balloons. Then again, everything is excessive at Costco :D

We love winter!!


p.s. My house is still clean :D All bow down to flylady!