Sunday, January 17, 2010

Word for the Year

A friend of mine chose a word last year and this year to post on her blog that would be her word for the year. Everything she wanted to focus on boiled down to one word. Last year I thought it was a great idea and this year I am going to try it. My word for the year...


I have realized in the recent past that the principle is true that we have a choice to live how we want to live. As Elder Maxwell so eloquently stated "we can choose to become bitter, or choose to become better" when passing though the trials of life. There are events in our lives that we cannot control and it is a gift that we have been given to be able to choose how we will handle it.

It has been my choice to change myself this year. I could have chosen to relinquish myself to the fact that I am just not a good homemaker, but I didn't. My kitchen sink shines, my home shines, my laundry shines, and positive feelings shine. It was not a quick fix nor something I came up with on my own to change our home. I made the choice to find help and I found what I was looking for.

I have pondered on the millennium when Christ shall reign and the adversary will be bound. What does that mean? Bound? The scriptures say that he will have no place in the hearts of man. It's a choice! I choose to let his destructive influence in, or to keep it out. He cannot come in unless I invite him. Could it be possible to bind him now so that he will have no place in the heart of our home? Yes!

So, my word of the year is CHOICE and I hope to post often regarding my word in order to keep it front and center throughout the year.