Sunday, February 21, 2010

I loved Women's Conference.... Did I really say that?

Saturday was our Stake Women's Conference. I called Susan to see if she wanted to go with me and the deal was, if it was lame we would cut out and do something fun since we would both have the day off from our families. Honestly, I thought we'd be cutting out real quick.

We ate the continental breakfast and headed to the first class - Women of the Old Testament. Did you know there are ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY women mentioned in the Old Testament? Who knew!?! I could only think of five or so and I even forgot Eve. Pathetic.

Next stop... Service project

The Red Cross had the creepy blood mobile outside the chapel. I haven't given blood since September 12th, 2001. Everything went great that time... until I got home. Looking at Aaron I passed out, not once, but twice. My blood pressure was 60/40. They took all of my blood! I was informed that they did not want me back again.

I decided that this time it was again for a good cause, pulled up my boot straps, and followed Susan into the creepy mobile. She did great, gave her big bag of blood, and sat down for her snack. I, on the other hand, about came unglued when my friend Juan stuck the needle in... or should I call it a hose? My vein started on FIRE! He'd move it and I would ask "is it supposed to be burning?" This was repeated over and over and over. Pretty soon my wimpy self has tears running down my cheeks.

He announces to his fellow creepy-bus-workers that he was "going to pull it."

I failed.

Next a good lunch, chatting with old friends, and off to another class.

Growing A Testimony given by our local Seminary teacher.


A quote by Spencer W. Kimball... "I am convinced that each of us, at least some time in our lives, must discover the scriptures for ourselves--and not just discover them once, but rediscover them again and again... We are convinced that [people] are hungry for the gospel, undiluted, with its abundant truths and insights. There are those who have seemed to forget that the most powerful weapons the Lord has given us against all that is evil are His own declarations, the plain and simple doctrines of salvation as found in the scriptures."

You know what I've realized? Reading the scriptures really does change everything in my life. Everything. My perspective, my attitude, my compassion, my patience. Susan and I were laughing that it doesn't magically get the laundry done or feed our families, but the attitude behind it all is different. Everything is put into perspective. Inspiration comes.

The challenge?

Read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. Susan and I each bought a brand new one to read and mark our thoughts and impressions. It's less that two pages per day to finish by the end of the year if you start now. Anyone want to join us? It can be our blog reading club!