Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living In La-La Land and Loving It

Boy, has my life been turned upside down in the most fantastic way.

Have I told you guys about FlyLady? Oh yeah. Right here. So it's been a month and four days since I started this whole thing and it is really starting to freak me out a little. Today I had to "look" for something to do in my current zone. Whaaa???

I've decided to list all of the things that I have learned (warning: the list is LONG)

1. Choice - hey that's my word of the year! Every day I have a choice :)

2. Reading my scriptures everyday doesn't clean my house, do laundry, & feed the family (i.e. faith without works is dead)

3. I learned the cleaning skills over the years but never learned how to use them efficiently. If I washed a window I was washing ALL the windows... all day project. Or mopping all the floors, washing all the walls, shampooing all of the furniture, etc. etc. etc.

4. Everyone is happier when there is food on the table every day

5. I don't panic anymore when my visiting teachers want to come. Before I had to set aside the entire morning to clean before they came... ya' know... to look like my house was clean :)

6. We don't spend our Saturday's doing "chores" anymore

7. I was selfish and didn't think it was fair that I had to do all the work around the house. Wah-wah-wah

8. When there is a plan, keeping a clean house actually frees up a TON of time

9. Now that our clothes are always clean, I realize I don't need so many clothes. I had to look for something to wash today. So weird!!

10. When my roof leaked and bubbled out my living room paint job this morning :: so sad:: it didn't matter because I know that I have time to fix it

11. Children become bitter when they feel like they are cleaning and mom and dad are not

12. Cleanliness inspires cleanliness in children... and husbands :)

13. Stern doesn't know what to do with himself now that his wife, who was ALWAYS needing help, doesn't need it any anymore. It's kinda funny to watch

14. Someone needs to come up with FlyGuy ::wink, wink::

15. There is a peaceful spirit in our home. Not silence, but peace. I like it.

16. I don't drive around so much and I don't spend as much. Hoorah for lists!

There it is so far. I think I'll just add to it periodically as things pop into my mind.