Friday, March 26, 2010

My Heart Is Angry

Shasta is at the pound. He's there with our neighbors' dog.

This is all fine and good except he had his freaking collar on with our ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER. Hello? I was perplexed.

Our nice neighbor called the pound this morning and they had no lab (that would be his dog). Our dogs have been MIA since yesterday afternoon. Hmmmm...

Around noon I am discussing all of this with my friend Susan. I knew someone had caught him. Did they keep him? Did they take off his collar and let him run free?

Then I remembered crank-o-ly man who called a few weeks ago telling me Shasta is a nice enough dog. He felt bad that his neighbors keep their menacing dogs tied up and his wife hasn't let him seek punitive damages yet. What the?? He was making a veiled threat.

Our family had a long talk. Jedrick asked to take over the care of Shasta complete with training. We all agreed to keep the gate locked up so he couldn't run. He has gotten out only a couple of times in the past few weeks.

As I am speaking with Susan, looking out my front window, and expressing my confusion about how our stinking dog got out, a white truck pulls up. It's driving slowly past my house. I remember my conversation with crank-o-ly. He knows where I live.

This man (and his greasy pony tail) proceeds to roll his window down and take pictures of MY NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE. They're in Hawaii and we're watching their house, animals, and reindeer for them. I can't let strange people be taking pictures of their house. I hang up the phone and put my coat on. He drove away before I could confront him.

What the crap!?! Chickens being bombed, dog disappearing, greasy man taking strange photos?? I can't take this!

The picture begins to take form. This guy is taking pictures as "evidence." I drove to a home by where I think this man lives and asked "Eric" if they have a cranky neighbor who hates their dogs.

YES! White truck AND he's taken pictures of their dogs and given them to the police for crossing his property line.

Too bad he took pictures of the wrong house. Ha Sucka'.

Now I sit waiting for Stern to come home and Shasta is in a cage at the pound. He's naughty. Now that I know where he is, I DO remember all of the naughty things he did. This is all going to cost me $75 + $12 per day he sits there.

I just want to put Shasta's poop in a paper sack, put it on crank-o-ly's porch, light it on fire, ring the doorbell, and let crank-o-ly try to stomp it out.

Then I remember I'm not in Jr. High anymore. BTW - I never did that. Only heard of it.

I need to get the permanent crease out from between my eyes! Argh!