Monday, March 29, 2010

This, that & the other...

Last night I was awaken at 2:30 a.m. by my husband flying across our bed, turning on lights, throwing his rifle on the bed and loading bullet after bullet after bullet into it.

**Pause for a side note**

I sleep with earplugs most of the time so I was a little out of sorts watching this.

"Someone's in our house!"


He leaves and I hear him yell "I'm armed and I'm coming downstairs! Get out of the house now!"


I called 911 and let them know that there was someone in our home and my husband has his gun. Here is our conversation...

"Your husband has a gun?"
"Yes! He's on his way downstairs!"
"Tell him NOT to go downstairs."
"He already has! We have six children! He's not just going to sit up here!"

Stern comes into the room and takes the phone. Soon (very soon) there are spotlights flashing through the trees outside and a police officer in his helmet, bullet-proof vest, and rifle complete with a spotlight is now standing on our entry. In the end there were eight officers in full gear scoping out our acreage. Four came in our home and lined up behind one another to secure the basement. It was like a freaking movie - and I hate those kind of movies! Just the sound of the CSI commercials scare me!

All was clear in the end. They patrolled the neighborhood for the night.

As we returned to bed I thought

Yeah. He's home. I want to see those fools try to return now.

Let's see... on to other business... Ah yes...

The fate of our brave rooster.

Oh, the shame!

And last but not least, who gets to do this after school?

Jedrick posing with his reindeer friend, Dingle.

Dingle came over to our place for a visit and we get to see her have her baby in the spring. Ah, Alaska.