Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tonsils, Adenoids and Tubes - Oh My!

Chubbus E Rubbus has been sick a LONG time. She's been on several rounds of antibiotics since November and just finished a 30 day dose.

She got sicker.

When Chubbus would cry she couldn't pull air in and would pass out in my arms. I was told this is what some toddlers do when they are throwing a tantrum... only she wasn't ever throwing a tantrum.

She got sicker.

The fever came, the lethargy, and she stopped eating and drinking. When 24-hours had gone by and all she had to drink was 4 oz of liquid I got worried and took her to the brainiac at the "doc-in-a-box." He was the one they said was "good" with children. Nice.

I was told unequivocally that it was viral and her ears and chest were clear and normal.

...two hours later...

White cottage cheese mixed with green serous fluid is now draining out of Chubbus's left ear and running down her cheek and neck. Her "clear and normal" eardrum had ruptured. Let's look at the bright side. With all the pressure gone, she drank a bottle!

Today was the long-awaited ENT appointment. Her pediatrician told me that he was the ultra-conservative ENT and if he wasn't going to do anything for her we would get a second opinion. Well, Mr. Ultra-conservative ENT said she needs to go into surgery this Friday to remove her adenoids, tonsils, and have tubes put in her ears. She's not breathing well.

Soooo...they weren't tantrums. Chubbus passes out when crying because she can't get air past her tonsils (which are touching, by the way). She has to pass out for her throat to relax enough to let the air pass. She wakes up frequently in the night because she stops breathing. We just thought she was naughty and wanted to sleep with us! Doh!

For those of you morbid like myself, below is a video of a tonsillectomy. You know, just in case you ever need to perform one. I like to know what is going to be happening to my children. OUCH!!

Here's the adenoidectomy. I love the festive music that makes it sound fun!