Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summuh, summuh, summuh, summuhtime! ::in a singy voice::

I decided my blog needed a face lift and a new name.

Now I have a daily reminder that "It's All Worth It." It really is...

Summer is here and that means baseball and softball coming out our ears. Here's some shots taken during games. I was actually a little selfish when I signed them all up because it makes ME get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Pupa trying her hand at T-Ball.
Unfortunately... she's done because she has lost not one, but two mitts and we won't buy her another. Bummer. We told her she can try again sometime in the future when she's feeling a little more rethponsible with her stuffs.

I love the catcher in T-Ball... there aren't any pitches =)

Bo-Beana = First Baseman. She's an animal!

Dodging a rogue pitchAnd she nails it! Woot woot!

Jedrick's first year pitching...
You know, I am a little embarrassed about how much pride I feel when Jedrick steps up to the plate and I hear the other team's coach yell "move back! Move back!" That's my boy...
Another strike! (Of course I remember... Sheesh!)

My happy second baseman.

Havin' a little trouble with an Alaskan mosquito.