Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arty's New Antics

I have managed to keep my friend Arty at bay for some time now. Going "outside" on vacation for a month did wonders for me, especially Phoenix... 110 degrees and constant sunshine. The pain was so minimal so much of the time that it seemed miraculous.

This past weekend I started painting the cabinets in my kitchen. I'm getting so brave in this house! Right now I have light counters, dark cabinets, and light floor. I'm switching to dark counters, light cabinets, and dark floor. I'm so excited.

Anyway, back to my painting...

I was outside finishing up the cabinet doors when I realized Arty had come up with some crazy new antics I had not experienced. When I set down the paint tray, my left hand was completely frozen. Frozen... In the position of holding the paint tray. I couldn't move my left hand at all without the assistance of my right to loosen it up again. After being freaked out for a while my fear turned to fascination!

So I tried again.

Tah dah! My hand sealed into the same position and I ran into the house to take a picture.

Below is a picture of my normal left hand with beautiful, fluid motion...

Here is my ridiculous, stiff, old-woman hand...

I understand if you feel a little dry heave coming. I did. Look at that critchity hand!

Well, with the assistance of Mr. Righty I can get Mr. Lefty moving again.

I've tried to have fun with it - like driving the car I will squeeze the steering wheel as hard as I can (and that's not saying much) and sure enough, within a few minutes it's frozen solid.

Don't worry. I never squeeze with both hands at the same time so you're all still safe to drive on the road.