Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nurse Mommy

About nine years ago, we went through a bout with plantar warts. They are a nightmare to get rid of. Here were my little children lying on their stomach while, night after night, mom clipped away bits of dead skin and reapplied the Compound W. Finally the wicked seeds were eradicated from our home.

While discussing the epidemic which had just passed our home with my sister-in-law, she mentioned that someone once told her to use an aspirin. Plain aspirin. You stick it on the wart, cover it for seven days (no more, no less) and voila! The wart falls off.

Fast forward a couple of years and I got a wart. I put the theory to test and, sure enough, after seven days it fell off leaving a small hole in my foot.


Now, fast forward to a week ago. One of my daughters (who, btw, chooses to remain anonymous) comes to me and tells me she has a big wart on the side of her toe. Boy, she wasn't kidding! It had grown down as far as it could so it had begun growing up. Kinda looked like cauliflower.

I was ready this time. Out came the aspirin and the duct tape. Why duct tape? It sticks to everything forever, even sweaty feet. In no time that toe was taped up and that wart had been sentenced to death-row.

Last night my daughter, who still chooses to remain anonymous, let me know it had been a week and wanted to check the wart. Now, she had just showered in the morning and we didn't change the duct tape before she went off to school. You know how your skin gets white and wrinkly when you don't change your bandage after swimming? Well, that's what happened. I took off the sock and this is what I found...

Prepare yourself... this is not for the faint of heart...

The wart literally fell out. Brownish-gray ooze came out as I pulled back the bottom edge and all of us were fighting back the pukies.

**slight shutter all over again**

Here's what was left of her toe when we were finished. We doused it with some triple antibiotic, slapped on a bandaid, and sent her off to bed.

I hate warts.