Sunday, October 17, 2010

Am I The Only One Who Struggles With This?

Never will I say that I am the model Visiting Teacher.

That being said, I was told by someone a few years back that Visiting Teaching isn't something that you would ever gain a testimony of. You just do it because you're supposed to.

Obviously, years later, I still ponder that declaration. Is that really true? Something inside of me just wanted to shout "No! It cannot be true!" How is it that the Spirit can testify of the truthfulness of all things and yet Visiting Teaching would not be one of them? Is it a true principle? Why, then, would we not be able to gain a burning testimony of Visiting Teaching just the same as Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the atonement, a living prophet, prayer, tithing, or Joseph Smith?

So here's my question. Do you have a testimony of Visiting Teaching? Take my poll on the right. It's all anonymous so you won't be getting a phone call :) I'm just curious.

This I will share. When I was recently sick with a cold, my visiting teachers showed up with dinner two nights in a row. Lots of food. They didn't ask me if I needed it. I would've said no. They didn't ask if they could "do anything." I would have said we were fine. After all, it was just a cold. They brought flowers. They brought their love.

I felt the stirrings of a testimony.