Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let Me Be In Denial, Please.

I often feel so successful in convincing myself that Arty has taken a hike (like I have told him to, repeatedly) only to find out that he is still lurking.

I have actually felt fantastic the majority of the time. It's stupid things like almost crying while turning the can opener. Solution... I need to get an electric can opener.

Or, Arty hurts my hip so bad I don't want to walk. Solution... squeeze it back. Have you ever had a hurt wrist so you stomp on your toe and magically your wrist doesn't hurt anymore. So it is with my hip. I just squeeze it really hard and it's a different kind of owie. Works like a charm!

If I were to draw Arty, what do you think he should look like? I'm thinking sinister. Or should he be jovial in his fun? Beady eyes... crusty teeth. No. No crusty teeth. Maybe he's beautiful but naughty. I haven't decided. Feel free to share your creative thoughts.

If you can't sense the sarcasm in this post, you don't know me :) No pity, please. Just jokes!