Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Puke! Anything But Puke!

The dreaded pukies have entered our peaceful home.
Just today… TODAY… I was feeling like I was getting back in the “fly” of things and ready to conquer. Yet, I still see the glass as half full because my house is clean. My sink is clean, my floors are clean, toys are put away, kitchen mopped… ahhh….
It’s funny ~ when I’m organized, the pukies don’t seem so bad. I’ve also decided that this will be a grand opportunity to get me a new carpet shampooer (mine is suffering dreadfully). Preemptively of course ;D
Here’s something I’ve learned today after years of consoling a puking child bent over the toilet (which is swished and swiped everyday!)… I CAN FLUSH THE TOILET AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT. It’s true. I don’t have to sit there looking in the toilet, examining the contents. No! I can flush! Over and over! It was a great moment.
Bring it on.