Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Foreign World

Today I stepped outside of my bubble.
I walked into a world that I have never been exposed to.
My eyes were opened.
Recently I have been praying to be able to see through different eyes. Eyes that can see the needs of those around me. I’ve wanted to be more perceptive and in-tune with the hearts of others.
It is so easy to see the people around us and dismiss them because of their mannerisms, their speech, their shyness, or even their clothing. Or to look the other way when someone is unkempt or suspicious.
I want to see beyond the exterior.
Today I walked into a world our society deems hopeless. A world where it is survival of the fittest. You have to look out for yourself because no one else will. You get what you need however you can get it, and you think this is how everyone else lives because you have never seen anything different.
A place where spirits are broken.
These people don’t know that there are really families out there who eat dinner together, where mothers love their children, or men are kind and caring. They’ve never had friendship that didn’t require something in return, or payment of some sort. They’ve never been cheered on by a friend or family member who wants to help them learn to fly.
Hearts are broken but encased by an iron wall.
Some of them have made poor choices that have led them down a path they never intended to travel. Others were shoved onto that difficult road at birth and left to make their way with the few tools they’d been given: survival, manipulation, & deceit. How do you break out of a life that is all you’ve ever known?
My heart has been filled with gratitude today.
I am thankful for:
  1. A caring husband who made me call him immediately when I left to let him know I was safe.
  2. A roof over our heads and food on the table.
  3. Extended family willing to share their love and support.
  4. Dear friends who love me for who I am and build me up.
  5. Bedtimes, routines, and boundaries.
  6. A body free from harmful addictions (sugar doesn’t count!).
  7. Children who want to help when they hear about the suffering of others.
  8. A church family who creates a community of safety for myself and those I love.
  9. Knowledge of my Savior and His love for me.
  10. Knowing that I can fall on my knees and my loving Heavenly Father will hear and answer my prayers.
Because I have been given much I, too, must give