Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that I would highly recommend Raising Up a Family to the Lord which you can get here on book, CD or Kindle.
I thought it would be nice to relay an experience I recently had with one of my children drawing upon the teachings of this book.
Pray with our Children
For privacy purposes, I will refer to this child as Pat. This way you don’t know if it was a son or daughter :D
A situation in our family was beginning to cause Stern and I some concern. We had talked about possible solutions but hadn’t dealt with it as yet.
One morning I took Pat aside and we discussed my feelings and tears immediately welled up in my child’s eyes. I asked if Pat would like to say a prayer with me and Pat reluctantly agreed.
I thanked Heavenly Father for this wonderful child, the good decisions continually made, and the kindness which is always shown toward siblings. I prayed that Pat would be comforted and know of my love.
I mentioned nothing about the problem.
When I opened my eyes, Pat was crying. I asked “would you like to say a prayer?” No answer. Just silent tears.
“Did you know that you can let your Heavenly Father know all of those feelings inside you right now? He will listen and understand. You can tell Him how sad you’re feeling and ask Him to help you feel better. I know He will help because He loves you.”
Pat began to pray and my heart broke as I listened to this precious child pour out its heart to Heavenly Father. Pat asked for help and I knew the comfort sought for had come. There was such a warm, tender feeling in the room.
When this sweet prayer was finished, my dear Pat went to work taking care of the problem and came up with solutions without any of my opinions or constraints.
I will be forever grateful for correct principles that have changed the way my husband and I will raise our children.
Don’t Forget to Pray