Monday, January 31, 2011

The Happy Life of a Virus in a Big Family

This little ear looks precious. I think I’ll snuggle in.
Chubbers cries from all the pain, but I don’t think she’ll win.
I send my children on their way to settle in her tummy.
That’ll bring her meals back up all over worried Mummy.
My work’s not finished in the ear. My actions are the worst.
I’ll make her cry in agony until that drum will burst.
The family thinks I’m all alone, but little do they know
My wife has found another ear to help more children grow.
Cheroo cries out from much ear pain. Her tummy starts to churn.
They think the first is all healed up. Cheroo will take her turn.
Up comes the meals all over mom. She doesn’t even flinch.
She thinks the end coming soon, and says “this is a cinch.”

I’ve laid real still in Chubber's ear 'til all seems well and fine.
It’s been a week and suddenly I feel that it is time.
I meet my children in her gut for mischief and more fun.
We send up cheese and lettuce on her unsuspecting mum.
My wife joins in the sweet foray, not to be outfoxed.
Cheroo upchucks her chocolate milk from the Carl’s Jr. box.

Two weeks have passed successfully and we’re headed for the gut.
There’s nothing like brown toothpaste coming out their little bu…m.
Mom wipes them all with smiles... hoping it will stop.
But soon she'll find this wishful thinking will all come to not.
Coyote looks as white as snow. Now he’s become the host
To more of our infectious kids who dutifully take their post.

Three weeks have come and gone and three we have infected.
What fun we’ll have for many weeks as they try to stay protected.
We like to start up in the head and work our way down slow.
We keep their mother on her toes and watch her hushed tears flow.
She thinks she’ll be at church each week. In this she is a fool.
Once we’ve made our homes inside, thee's no more church or school.

~ yours truly