Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Hunger Games

I just finished.

I hate it.

Not just a little.


The whole concept is disturbing. I don't relate to Katniss in any way, and I didn't even find one quote to add to my quote book.

When I put it down I was cranky... with everyone. I felt cynical.

When I picked it up I just returned to a dark place full of vanity, deceit and murder.

All I care about is Peeta and I know he turns out okay.

Have I mentioned that I love my Kindle?

Love it. You should get one.

I downloaded a preview of book 2 and 3 (for free) and found them just as disturbing as the first, if not more.

Something about beaten, bloody Cinna being drug off the stage... ew.

So long Katniss. So long Panem. So long crabby days.

On a better note... two books I'd recommend...
I have learned family concepts that have never even crossed my mind. You can also get it on CD and listen to Elder Cooks voice. I would recommend that because the tenderness of his voice is what has taught me to think twice before I say something to my children.

I bought this one for Stern when he was struggling with how to approach our many children who are and will be teenagers in the next few years. Apparently I was way off base because this book has nothing to do with teenagers but everything with how to interact with people in general. Stern and I have learned many wonderful lessons and I would recommend it to anyone who has difficulty dealing with anyone who is critical, overbearing, manipulative, controlling, or even a toxic personality. Also, if you do these things yourself, it is such a great tool!

And so I bid farewell to Suzanne Collins and her twisted Hunger Games.