Monday, February 7, 2011

The Awakening

Fourteen years and eleven months ago I became pregnant with our first child thus beginning a long, sometimes difficult, often joyful journey that has brought us to the point we are at today. Since that day, I have often referred to myself as “outdoor at heart.” Endlessly pregnant or nursing, I was usually home raising our family.
Recently I had this bright idea that I would love to start swimming in the morning. Since Arty joined our family a year ago, I have stopped all exercise… afraid I would hurt something.
I looked online and saw that our local pool was open from 6-7:25. My two oldest were excited to join me and we all headed to the pool bright and early the next morning. Unfortunately I neglected to read “p.m.” after the time. Oops! Well, everyone was on-time for school that day!
We are now swimming a few evenings each week and I have felt life breath back into me…
… so much so, this was me on Saturday!
Yah… that hill was really like a cliff. I’m sure of it. Mostly because this was me after I totally launched off of it. I’m pretty sure I caught big air. IMG_1415
A close-up of my ski buddy Cathie & I.  Not a cloud in the sky!
I am alive again and I will not fear. It’s been twelve years since I’ve been downhill skiing and it was like riding a bicycle. It all came back.
Thanks, Cathie!