Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Blog, How I Have Missed Thee.

Cheroo's fever spiked to 106 degrees to finish off our spring break. She was stuck to me like glue for the next four days deliriously in and out of fevers and sleeping most of the time... only awaken by me trying to sneak away. How can they sense this?

This was Friday.

Sunday night came and I heared Coyote knocking on my bedroom door. "Hey, Mom. I just remembered I have a science project due tomorrow. And, Mom, I don't know where my packet is." I started rubbing the crease between my eyebrows now. We'll start it Monday. I'm sure we can turn it in Tuesday.

My pregnant brain doesn't do well under pressure.

Monday: fevers, loads of crying, clinging, and cup stealing by Chubbers. In between consoling toddlers, picking up teenagers from school, and getting Coyote started on his science project, I managed to get an awesome dinner on the table: Mexican casserole, refried beans, and a gorgeous garden salad. I was so proud of myself! Thaaaat is until we were cleaning up and Stern says "why didn't you wash the lettuce?" 

 Rubbing the crease between my eyebrows again knowing it's permanent now.

I start feverishly working with Coyote on his science project taking pictures, running to the store to buy the special display board, reminding him to keep working...  when I hear "hey, you have the lesson tonight for Family Home Evening."

The crease between my eyebrows is now a half inch deep as I reply... "Can. You. Do. The. Lesson?" I'm thinking my teeth were clenched but I'm not going to tell you that.

Project: Check. Family Home Evening: Check. Everyone in bed: Check.

Tuesday: Off to the doctor with Cheroo (and Chubbers... ugh). Let me paint this picture for you. Our pediatrician has a rabbit and it runs around in their break room. Chubbers wanted the rabbit. They request Cheroo pee in the "hat." There was no way in the world she was peeing in that "hat." My three-year-old threw a fit. Meanwhile, Chubbers is in the break room beginning to scream at the top of her lungs at this rabbit who continuously runs under the table and chairs. She follows all the while hitting her head over and over and getting stuck. Yeah, the rabbit is much smaller that her two-year-old frame. Both are in meltdown. 

"Do you think you could sit in the break room and have Cheroo sip some water and then maybe she'll give us some urine?" The crease returned again and I'm thinking "&*%$#^." We try for a total of 60 seconds and I announce that we are leaving and I'm happy to take a nice, sterile cup with me to collect at home and bring back. As I'm paying and desperately trying to leave (with both girls screaming bloody murder and trying to run away) the nice lady says "let me go ahead and just make a copy of this for you." What in the.... No thank you!

I took Chubbers home and answer the phone as we walk in the door. "Hello. Mrs. Butikofer? This is Nurse Beth calling from school. I'm just letting you know that Pupa cannot come back to school after today because she needs her Hep B shot. Do you think you can get that done this afternoon?" My pregnant reply "Um, no. I'll send her to school as soon as I get to that. Thank you so much for calling me." Her shocked reply "Oh... well... okay... thank you."

I headed back for Cheroo's dreaded blood draw. She knows the building. The tears and wailing start as soon I turn the truck onto the street to head to that building. After 20 minutes of "paperwork" the deed is done and we picked up pizza on the way home. I went to bed at 6:30 pm.

Up next - orthopedic surgeon, drop off urine, youth night, piano lesson, Sunshine Generation, Relief Society birthday dinner, endocrinologist, orthodontist....

... and then her husband swept her away on a Hawaiian vacation!

Or maybe she just got into a hot bubble bath.