Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Let Me Forget!

Sunday morning I got a call from one of my Beehives asking if I could give she and her sisters a ride to church. I told her three of my children were still sleeping but I would quickly get them ready and come and pick them up.

We were not only on-time to church this week, but early. I was feeling pretty on the ball as I walked in with a passel of children and we all sat down with my husband. I smiled at him and said "oh, don't let me forget I was asked to speak in church next Sunday."

Or was it this Sunday?

I grabbed the program from Pupa and, sure enough, I was the first speaker after the youth speakers and I had roughly 15 minutes to prepare.

What was my topic? I remembered something about the Savior. Or was it prayer? Or was it drawing close to the Savior through prayer? I couldn't remember!

I decided to be safe and go with the last idea: Drawing Closer to the Savior through Prayer.

Thank heaven for Lesson 2 in the Young Women Manual. Quotes, scriptures.... I prayed fervently, made some marks, underlined key points, and headed to the pulpit.

I decided this whole experience was a huge blessing. Thank you to my friend friend for asking me to take her children so I was not frazzled walking in late. After the uber-crazy week I had last week, I can't imagine trying to study material for a talk. I had to rely on the promptings of the Holy Ghost and testify of that which I knew. And thank you to Brother C. who was the final speaker and had loads of material prepared and needed more time to share his thoughts. I'm sure that's how he felt! ;)