Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Done Growed Me Another Peanut

Beginning of October brings all sorts of new fun to our quiet, peaceful home (it's all relative!).

 Aren't these 3-d images amazing? You can see it's blue eyes and little pink lips! Okay, seriously. It really just looked like a peanut so I doctored it up a little.

Here is what I'm hoping for this time around:

1. An 8-something pound baby - not 9's or 10's

2. I gain normal weight and don't have months where I suddenly gain 10 lbs. - Super saddy!

3. Endless patience with my birthed children

4. New and improved pants that don't fall down every time I reach down to pick something up

5. My pain-free days continue forever and ever

6. No. More. Sickness. We have reached our quota for the year after six consecutive weeks of ear infections, sinus infections, vomiting, & diarrhea (I hate that word...).