Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It was a nice truck...

We have an affinity to dented vehicles. We seek them out.

"The engine runs perfectly" my husband has been known to say.

We get a great deal.... and drive around in a dented vehicle.

Last winter we decided we needed a vehicle that would fit all of us. Let's see, one, two, three... ah, yes. We needed an eight passenger vehicle. What we found exceeded our wildest expectations! Not only did this Suburban have a bench in the front which made it a nine passenger, there was nothing fancy. No carpet. Vinyl floors, vinyl seats. No power anything.

"Less to break" says Stern and it was ours.

A plus for little wifey.... no dents. Wow. I felt special.

Fast forward a couple of months to summertime. The sun was shining, the grass was green and I was sitting on it watching my boys play in their baseball game. It was a perfect day.

I hear someone coming from behind but don't turn.

"Honey, I wrecked the truck."


It was all I could say.

How did it get wrecked you ask? Oh, not in the usual way. That would not be in line with how we live around here. We don't hit other vehicles or anything like that. We simply wreck our own cars.

This time...  hauling wood.

These are no small dents. These are puncture wounds.

I drove up on the wreckage and this is what I saw.

If you look closely you will notice that the tongue is no longer attached to the truck. For those of you who have never pulled anything, that's kind of important.

Now everyone knows where "safety chains" get their name. They safely ram the tongue of the trailer into your own vehicle instead of that Lexus that just drove by. Whew.

Now I need you to imagine how these two "ouchies" happened. It's all I can do. I can imagine some 3,000 pounds of wood driving itself down the road. It rams itself through the back of the suburban and then tries to pass it. Those darn safety chains stop it and ram the tongue through the side. Yes, I can see it all so clearly.

With a broken axle and a tire folded completely under, that beautiful trailer is now out in the field resting in peace. It was a good little trailer. Its last job was just a little too much.

This thing's engine still runs perfectly.