Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love & Trust

Have you ever known someone who is all warm and fuzzy on the outside

but when you get to know them better, they're more like this?

A close up.


In Without Offense, my husband and I have learned that you really can love people like this. The key is to remember that love and trust are not the same thing. We can love each other unconditionally but trust is earned, not deserved. Trust develops over time through consistent actions that merit that reward. Those we love who demand trust are those we usually cannot offer it to because trust is continually broken. But we can continue to love. Isn't that an awesome concept? Really. I love that book.

On to merrier things. I found FlyLady. She is not dead... just tied up and gagged in the corner of the basement. Whew. She's back to work today and whipping these kids into shape :D