Friday, March 4, 2011

Where I've Come From

It's been a little over a year since I began my life-changing journey with FlyLady. If you decide to reminisce and click on that link, you'll find a written description of my lack of cleanliness.

I just came across this picture and couldn't help laughing out loud (aka LOL, only I really did).

I thought I'd just put out there the fabulous housekeeper I used to be... for 14 years! This is a sampling. My (and my poor husband's) bedroom in our third home.

This is Bo-Beana about 13 years ago. I walked into my impressively clean room and found her on the dresser covered in my necklaces. How she found them in there, I will never know.  How I found her in there, I have no idea.

I thought it would be fun to play an I SPY game. Feel free to play and see if you can find all of the atrocities listed.

1 - Unmade bed - hey, at least there were sheets!
2 - First grade picture of me wearing a pink shirt. Not sure why I thought my husband would want to look at that every morning.
3 - Underwear stored in the nightstand - did I not know what a nightstand was for? I mean, at least it could  be some black, slinky something-or-other.... doh.
4 - Not a single drawer closed - I think that made it easier and faster to get dressed when you didn't have to mess all the opening and closing.
5 - A green Portuguese mission manual - my husband had been home from Brazil for five years. Still - we had to have it out... just in case... ???
6 - Dirty clothes piled in the corner between the dresser and night stand. Logical, right?
7 - Awesome alarm clock on the non-slinky-nighty-holding nightstand. Hint: tiny and white. It was from Brazil. Awesome.
8 - Absolutely nothing on any wall. That was for the clean, sterile look. That way if you put your hand below your nose, covering the floor, the room looks clean. Genius!
9 - Child covered in marker - wait, that still happens. Scratch that one.

You can post how many you got over on the right on my handy-dandy poll. The winner gets a gazillion dollars. Really.

Oh, and here's a picture of part of my re-furbished kitchen. Notice, it's clean.... thanks to FlyLady.

 p.s. I installed that flooring all by myself while Stern was at Scout Camp