Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Disaster Has Struck


I got the phone call that there has been a "disaster" and we have to live off of our food storage for two weeks. We had 15 minutes until the start time. Was I tempted to run to the store? Heck yeah!!

No going to the store for food.

No Carl's Jr. - I can do this.... I can do this!

I only have one egg... Aw man!!

And the Peanut Butter Eggs are half off at Wal-Mart. This seriously made me feel a little panicky and I got sweaty palms thinking of not eating the delicious, perfectly proportioned tastiness.

I will post my powdered egg usage skills. There will be lots of jillejamcooks posts over the next couple of weeks, if you're so inclined to check. There will be lots of recipes from my grandma and her sister. Awesome.

Coyote is so excited because we have licorice in our food storage. He's been waiting for "the call" and last night said "I'll get the licorice!" Little does he known it's a laxative.... You can only eat so much before you start noticing a ... um... difference.

Any of you can pretend with me. It will be such fun!! 

Don't worry... you won't be getting "the call" unless you signed up.