Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Like Me

One of my children gravitates toward the path of least resistance... always.

This same child gets excited about all sorts of things, yet finishes few of them.

And, yes, this same child doesn't get upset about much.

My offspring doesn't want to work alone. And play should always come before work. And... if the work doesn't get done, it will be there tomorrow.

Motivated? Sometimes. Probably just easy going.

While venting my frustrations to a dear friend and pleading for help, she listened patiently.

Then came her reply...

"Sounds just like you."


No wonder it all sounded so familiar!

It's like looking at myself in the mirror. 

I read zero books in high school (don't tell anyone). I just took really good notes in class. I got straight 'A's. I signed up for AP Chemistry my senior year only to drop it and take Outdoor Living where I learned to snow ski and roller blade all year.

Free college credit.... or .... Playing outside

I'm thinking path of least resistance here.

If you asked me to babysit I may have very well canceled on you at the last minute because we decided to go water skiing (I would've KILLED me!). And I couldn't figure out why no one would ask me to babysit. Hmmmm....

I sew blankets I never finish. Knit sweaters no one will ever wear. Recover half of my dining room chairs (you can see them here) and plan to finish the rest later. I have flowers I never plant, leftovers I plan to use, and letters I need to send. I'll just try again tomorrow!

I must seriously drive my poor husband batty. 

Alas - thank you to my friend who helped me see the amazing potential in my child.

Isn't that what we all are?


 {our newest little love}
jill E jam