Monday, April 4, 2011

Tender Moments

Snuggling up with our children to read scriptures before bed and feeling my sweet seven-year-old's hand rubbing circles over my ever-expanding belly.

Snuggling with our 3-year-old every afternoon and feeling her tender kisses on my cheek.

Helping our 2-year-old climb onto my lap, hearing "sank-oo, mommy, sank-oo," and feeling her chubby arms around my neck.

Sitting arm-in-arm with our 14-year-old for the past two nights to hear the General Young Women's Broadcast and seeing her wipe a tear from her eye as the spoken words touch her tender heart.

Hearing our 12-year-old son express an involuntary sigh when he sees a very old person and realizing how much he loves the elderly, and they love him.

Listening to our 10-year-old express his sadness that we will all have to "depart" someday for college, missions and marriage, and will probably never live together again.

Asking a question of my husband from across the room with my eyes and watching him shake his head, fully understanding what my eyes are saying.

Sitting in the same room for eight hours over two days with our entire family to hear the living prophet and apostles speak the words of Christ and bear witness that He lives.

It's easy to miss the tender moments in the hustle of life. I'm grateful to have captured these and look forward to many others to tuck away in my pocket.

{Pupa and Cheroo helping me paint the dining room red}