Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Time & Tasty Treats

Tonight was Family Home Evening for us. This is usually every Monday night where everyone stays home from activities and we spend the evening as a family.

So much fun! And always absolute chaos.

Pupa conducted by welcoming everyone and Cheroo led us all in a rousing rendition of "Book of Mormon Stories." We then had the opening prayer given by Coyote. All of this went on as Chubbers was screaming bloody murder because she wanted to eat the treats right now.

Since Pupa will be turning eight this year I decided to do the lesson on baptism from the Friend . Afterward we finished with a closing prayer by our two-year-old.

Simple. Short. Sweet.

Finally, time for treats! Thanks to Landee sharing her husband's delightful recipe for Peanut Butter Dandies. The kids were in HEAVEN stuffing ball after ball in their mouths.

With full bellies it was time for Jedrick's activity... riding around the place in the bucket of the tractor and getting dumped out onto the trampoline. I opted out of this activity for obvious reasons and played the piano.

How about you? What activities do you do as a family? Let's share ideas!

{Jedrick planting one of our 10 trays of seed starts for our garden and greenhouse}