Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Planting Time

This is how we gear up for planting season so we can feel at one with our ancestors.

Pioneer clothes makes the food grow better.

Of course, I'm totally kidding.

I did make that dress though, along with another for BoBeana to wear on her pioneer trek. So fun!

Back to the nitty gritty.

Our "garden" is more than twice as big as it was last year. I love fresh dirt! So do my kids though which means lots of baths and big rings in the bathtub every night.

I ask them "why don't you wear shoes when you're outside? You can't take off your feet when you come in."

The response is always the same. "I dunno."


Those specks are not birds. They are my husband and children. First three rows ~ potatoes.

Reds, Yukon Golds, & Purple.

Have you ever eaten purple potatoes? I made mashed potatoes with them and it resembled a pile of whipped frosting on my plate. If I cook with them they die everything blue. They still taste just like a potato though and their shiny, metallic skin is pretty cool. I will keep experimenting with those.

Next up ~ peas. If I had my way the whole garden would be peas. My favorite are the big, fat pods that are about to split open. The peas are hard and taste like dirt. I had to wipe drool from the corner of my mouth just thinking of it. I have to wait all summer to satiate that craving. My peas vines usually grow to about seven feet tall. It's a sight to behold.

~The Process~
To prepare each row, BoBeana sits on the digger hooked to the back of the tractor holding a hose in her hands. As the digger plows the row, she fills it with water. Meanwhile, all other children sit in the bucket in front and pull grass clumps and weeds as they drive by. And the teenage boy jumps out, pulls up grass clumps, and throws them at his siblings stuck in the bucket. I'm sure they were all laughing in delight at this fun game.

{Coyote workin' in his sweet Carharts thanks to our generous neighbor}

{My 4-year-old in her dress. Of course}

Here's what I was doing inside so I could feed their hungry appetites. Dough enhancer: where have you been all my life? My whole bread-making experience has changed. I am a new woman.

 {Whole wheat bread rising on the stove. Yummmm...}

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

jill 'E' jam and the fam will be painting the house!