Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Own Finish Line

I'm done living off of our food storage.

What did I eat yesterday?

Cereal with water on it. 

Ugh. All done.

A juicy cheeseburger, fries & a root beer from Carl's Jr.

A double scoop of cookies & cream from Baskin Robbins.

Pizza for dinner.

Mmmmmm.... Little peanut & I were satiated for the first time in a week!

Here's what I learned:

1 - If there was really a disaster all of our priorities would change. I wouldn't just heap cooking all day from scratch on top of our already busy lives.

2 - Powdered eggs work much better if mixed with the water before putting it in the meal. They do work awesome and I'm sold on those.

3 - Powdered buttermilk works exactly the same and doesn't expire. Awesome.

4 - Our dinner meals didn't change much at all. Breakfast and lunch suffered.... really suffered with no real eggs. You can't scramble powdered eggs.

5 - I get irritated about what I'm eating (or not eating) when I'm pregnant.

6 - Irritation quickly changes to anger when I'm pregnant.

8 - Those of you waiting for my aunt & grandma's recipes will have to wait until I use them in my normal life. There's no time to blog or take pictures when disaster strikes... or something like that. Maybe I was napping with my little girls instead of cooking like a good wifey.

9 - I dream about food when I live on my food storage.

My conclusion is that there better not be a disaster while I'm pregnant. Could I do it? Yes. While pregnant? That's debatable.

I did do some canning in the beginning. I was proud. Pics & recipes will be posted soon. They were delish and genius. Then I was tired the rest of the week and took naps.

Have I mentioned I love naps. 

I do.