Saturday, May 14, 2011

Re - mi - shun

Did you know that 85% of women with rheumatoid arthritis go into remission while pregnant?

When we decided to have another baby I had this hopeful thought in the back of my mind. 

Would I be in that 85%? Or the stinking 15%?

I, once again, can pick up my little ones and hold them again with no pain.

The inflammation is all but gone.

There is no pain in my wrists, or burning in my elbows.

I wash my hair without cringing.

I can wear heels to church!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote three pages in my journal (the old paper kind) and the cramping, searing sensation never came.

I can throw a ball (like, 10 feet), chase my kids (like, 10 feet), and rake!

I can pray... on my knees.

I am mom again.

I've decided for the next 4 1/2 months I will pretend that it will never return. Blissful!

This is me.

And me thinks I'm in the 85%.



My sweet husband gave me a gift certificate for a pregnant massage for Mother's day. I know he totally heard the ads on the radio came up with the idea on his own. What a guy! My body will be so grateful!

Join me for a massage!

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A big thanks to all of you who read my blog! Don't be shy!