Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Skipping School & Rolling Sheds

We've had two sheds behind our house that have been a burr in Stern's side ever since we moved here. He has a vision of how he wants our place to look and those two sheds were not part of the vision.

The first plan was to lift them with a forklift. 

"Move the sheds?" I ask. "Just pick them up like they're toys?" My blood pressure rises immediately. I envision collapsed sheds and firewood for next winter.

When the forklift sunk into the ground and had to be pulled out by the backhoe, Plan B was instituted.

Come spring with the ground still frozen, Stern took matters into his own tentacles. With the assistance of a bulldozer that our good friend asked to store here indefinitely, he came up with an ingenious plan.

By utilizing the many birch logs that will eventually become our firewood I took Jedrick out of school and he and his dad literally rolled those sheds away.

{Stern isn't posing. He's naturally bow-legged and manly. This is his "I'm thinking" stance.}

 It all seemed so awesomely pioneer! Only I suppose they would have been pulling the buildings with teams of horses. Thank you bulldozer.

Here is the first shed sitting on the logs. Being the supportive wife I always am, I am standing by taking pictures and completely doubting this crazy idea.

But here it comes! Creaking and tipping back and forth!

Here's Jed, elated to be out of school on this sunny day, guiding his dad's shed-pushing.

And the second shed slides into it's final resting place.

{Chubbers was not so happy about the noise of the dozer}

I was supposed to be guiding here, but I was filming. Maybe that's why this happened.

Good thing Stern knows how to fix everything and both sheds are now symmetrically side-by-side and once again filled with tools, bikes, and other stuff.

So if you have some random sheds that need to be moved in your yard, just find yourself some birch logs, muster up a dozer, and just push those babies wherever you want them to be.

Simple as that!