Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kidneys Are Kind of Important

This little guy is proving to be a little more challenging to carry than I anticipated.

After 20 weeks of pregnant bliss I have been brought to my knees.

I have always had strong kidneys, but they seem to be... tired? Worn out? Rebelling? Not quite sure.

Still, the conclusion came back...


This seems to rule out my usual home-birth routine.


I haven't had a hospital birth for thirteen years! Hey, exactly thirteen as a matter of fact. Happy birthday, Jedrick.

Alas, my kidneys are important to me and I don't wish to squish them into oblivion. So, I must go the traditional route and get poked, prodded, screened, tested, and all that good stuff.

Farewell midwife. Farewell home birth. After 10 wonderful years it is time to part ways.

Maybe I'll just go all out this time.

I should get an epidural, blog while I'm in labor, and have someone else do all the work to get him out.

Man. This could be good.

 {sweet sisters}