Friday, May 20, 2011

Winner, Winner, Winner!!

I told Chubbers it was time to pick a winner for our first jill 'E' jam GIVAWAY!

She really wanted to help. She got all dressed up for the special occasion.
Chubbs: "How 'bout this?"

Me: "Oh, I'm not sure anyone wants your little pony, honey."

Chubbs: "How 'bout this!?!"

Me: "That's very nice, sweetie. But I think you can keep your ponies to play with."

Have I stalled long enough?


 And the winner is......

Comment #17

Cathie said:
"I am a follower and a fan! Always!"

Congratulations Cathie!
You've won a $50 gift card to SpaFinder! 

Thank you, thank you to everyone who clicked to follow my blog! I'm sure there will be another giveaway soon!