Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Cow In My Closet

Do you realize how much milk I have to buy for this family? Gallons.

Do I always make it to the store when we're running out? That's debatable.

Last night I was making homemade biscuits {here's the recipe} when I realized that I had no more milk in the fridge. Dang!

I decided I am no longer going to head to the store.

I have a huge supply of powdered milk that I avoid using like the plague ~ and I'm not even a milk drinker!

Alas, there was a milk cow right there in my pantry begging me to use her product.

How could I resist that sweet face?

I did it.

2 cups powdered milk
1 quart hot water
(blend in the blender)
3 quarts cold water.

I made a gallon, made fabulous biscuits, and my kids loved it on their cereal.

Who knew!?!

I figured it out and it costs $2.00 per gallon to make Mrs. Moo's milk versus $3+ gallons at the grocery store. 

I think I'm converted.