Monday, June 20, 2011

More Paint, Digging, & Gifts

Home improvements continue around our place.

Daunting? At times.

Worth it in the end? Definitely.

Now, picture the porch painted white (instead of the hideous gray/blue), white trim around the windows and trim, white shudders on the upstairs windows, a red front door, and a red garage door. 

Some of it is completed, but not picture worthy yet so be patient!

A view out my back window
  This would be a picture of Stern in heaven. Notice the dozer in the background, Stern sitting on, not only his tractor, but his back hoe attached to the back of the tractor. Here he's digging out my strawberry garden for me.

Only Stern knows the functions of all those levers & such

I keep finding these by my doors, porches, on my decks and it's grossing me out a little.

~ Little kitty loves us ~

I love the book Mary, Martha, & Me

I learned to accept gifts that are given from the heart... even dead mice. When my children bring me a surprise breakfast, I smile and eat it all ~ even when it is barely edible. Or pictures made from cut paper, glue and covered in purple circles ~ I hang it on my fridge. These are sweet gifts from the heart.

Am I going to be frying up mice for supper? Probably not. 

I'm grateful for the chance to reflect on the purpose of gifts, whether big or small.


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