Monday, June 13, 2011

Keeping Up

"It's just hard to keep up sometimes."

These are famous words that have escaped my lips {usually in between sobs} on a few occasions during late night chats with Stern.

It's funny. The other day I thought to myself "who on earth am I trying to keep up with?"

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs goes something like this:

"I'm starting to believe, I only race with me. Only me."

Does it really matter that Ms. Couch is more cheerful, Ms. Rug is more patient, Ms. Pillow bakes everything from scratch, Ms. Zipper's house is always clean, or Ms. Cushion seems to be serving others 24/7?? Do I really have to be all of these things all day, everyday?

I'm thinking not.

Balance is the key.

Whenever I begin obsessing in one area or another, something else suffers dearly. For instance, if I decided to cook everything myself for our family I spend most of my day preparing and cooking three meals plus snacks - and not to mention cleaning up after eight people each time. It's pretty time consuming. Actually, it takes over my life. Very little else gets done.

Friday night I drove to Costco, bought a bunch of pre-made stuff, read NO labels, and had an absolutely delightful weekend. It was very liberating.

The wonderful part wasn't that I threw all responsibility out the window and went all weekend without cooking {I still did lots of that}. It was having plenty on-hand for the times when I didn't cook. And I went for a walk with my girls.


"When my best is all I have, it is enough."