Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Permits, Wigs & Kindness

What a wonderful day!

Bo, with her gorgeous blond curls, and I in my wig, excitedly jumped into the suburban just after 10:00 AM to head into town so Bo could take the test for her driving permit.
Unfortunately, all we heard from Mr. Engine was "click, click, click."

Once again my little girls used my truck as their entertainment and drained the poor battery dead. A battery can only take this kind of beating so many times before it finally kicks the bucket.

A big thanks to Angie J. who just happened to be heading out the door in five minutes and could squeeze in a stop at jill'E'jam's house for a little jump-a-roo.

We were off.

Upon our arrival at the DMV I decided to test the battery before we headed inside.

Dead ~ in the pouring rain.

Oh well. We'll figure it out when Bo's done. And she..... almost passed! Bo only needed one more correct! She done me proud.

I decided to call our friendly Midas shop up the road fully expecting to have to hoof it in the rain and carry back the no-so-light battery myself. What a sight that would have been.

I not only didn't have to walk, but Midas came to my rescue and jump started my truck so I could drive it over for a new battery. I was so grateful!

While we sat in the DMV parking lot with the enormous suburban hood pointing into the sky, I was shocked how many people stopped to offer their assistance. It warmed my heart.

After dropping off the truck, Bo and I decided to walk to Salvation Army to rummage for some treasures but it was pouring rain. We changed course and ran across the street to Carl's Jr. to get a bite to eat. Pretty sure it was the biggest Alaska downpour of the summer. Usually it just spits. We were grateful to find shelter and a greasy cheeseburger so close.

As if we hadn't been assisted by loads of kind people already, the woman behind the counter offered me a free drink. So sweet! After bringing us our food, she said "oh, you need ketchup with that!" She brought back a fistful of ketchup we could have easily acquired ourselves.

You know ~ I still think there is a lot more good than bad in this world. Sometimes I just have to take the time to open my eyes and recognize it.

One of my goals for this pregnancy has been to find someone to serve each day. Today I am filled with gratitude for the selfless people I encountered who were so willing to offer their service to me.

Life is good!

Are you curious about my wig? You really should get you one. It's nice to just throw on some hair!
jill'E'jam in the wig shop
jill'E'jam all 'natur-el'