Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sometimes I have to learn lessons the hard way. Call me hard headed.... but I may argue with you ;)

While following my husband home in a separate car from our recent camping trip, I took the time to ponder the events which transpired... in particular


Jedrick prayed and I prayed for help to figure out how to get the camper top down.
And as I said before


No answer came.

Do you believe in answers to prayers? I do, with all my heart. Our prayers are heard.

So what happened? Why was my line of communication with a loving Heavenly Father disconnected?

As I drove and pondered I realized that I had cut the line - - not Him.

Let me back up - - we owned two jetskis and posted them on craigslist for sale. I was irritated that everyone wanted to look at them on Sunday. Two young fellas wanted me to meet them at the lake on Sunday afternoon. I told them 'no.' They still came to look and in the course of our conversation I learned that they believed as I do. I jokingly said "I'm going to punch you in the arm for asking me to meet you at the lake today." Everyone got a good laugh.

They bought the jetskis.

After their departure I went inside, opened my computer, and went straight to craigslist. Lo and behold - - an awesome pop-up trailer for close to what I just sold my jetskis for and it would sleep our whole family {not easy to find!}. I picked up the phone to make sure it was still available and Stern and I were headed over to look at it.... on Sunday.

We bought the pop-up trailer.

If I have made a promise to keep the Sabbath holy, why on earth would I expect an answer to my prayer when I break that promise?

Do I take my children shopping on Sunday? No. Would I take them to a garage sale on Sunday? Of course not. Craigslist seemed magically different.

I was a hypocrite.

If I believe in a just God, and I do, why would I ask Him to keep his promise to answer my prayers when I don't keep up my end of the bargain. I would be asking Him to be a hypocrite.

I believe the Sabbath to be a day we can do so much - - namely service - - thinking of others rather than ourselves. And taking naps.

So what do you do on the Sabbath? I would love to get ideas. If we all share we could write them down and put them in a jar. My children would love to draw out activities to do!

~ ~ Lesson Learned ~ ~