Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes Motherhood Is Hard

While painting a wall hanging for our family room, I asked Pupa to come in with me.

Mother: Pupa, did you know I bought this at Salvation Army? You can buy wooden things there, too, and paint them for your room if you'd like. I know how much you like to paint.

Pupa: Oh! When I saw this I said "What a piece of junk!"

Mother, a little shocked: Really? Does it look like a piece of junk now that it's painted?

Pupa: Well, I like this part and this part but the rest is junk.

Mother, trying to salvage her pride: You think so?

Pupa: Yeah.  See ~ just like you think everything I make is from garbage, I think everything you make is garbage. Isn't that funny?


Mother, realizing her many comments about Pupa making everything out of garbage (she is a master recycler) has translated into what Pupa makes is garbage: Oh, Pupa, you are very talented. You make very beautiful things and are very creative!

I think it's going to take some time to mend the perception that I have created. 

Sometimes it's hard to be a mother.