Sunday, July 24, 2011

All of my creative juices seem to have dried up.

I've decided no one wants to hear my cranky thoughts, cursings at the weather, or nesting gone awry. So I've been silent.

Last night as I lay awake all night I just tried to keep thinking of all of the things I am thankful for. There really is so much!

This was how it started... in order to reign in my crab-o-ly thoughts:

I am thankful for this couch and a pillow.

I am thankful the back deck hasn't caved in. . .

for green outside

for the rain that makes it grow (that was hard to say out loud)

for my children who are growing up too fast

for a dear friend who stood by her word

for socks

for chapstick . . .

Some were profound ~ most were to just try and stay positive.

This sweet little boy inside of me is kicking and squirming more and more each day. My favorite is when I feel his hand or foot glide across the front of my stomach. It is so tender and a miracle once again to feel life inside of me.