Monday, July 25, 2011

Bumped and Hangin' in the Airport

Great news: We got upgraded to first class on our flight!

Bad news: I couldn't check in at the kiosk because we were upgraded.

Must stand in enormous line for customer service.

Line takes so long, by the time I reach a person a half hour later it is way beyond the cutoff for luggage to be checked in.

The agents response . . . "Sorry. We'll have to book you on the next flight."

We got bumped.

People were bawling all around me with crisis so I tried to calmly ask, "So your telling me we were automatically upgraded to first class, which kept me from checking in on time, which then bumped me from my flight, and now we get to our vacation in the wee hours of the morn?"


"Juuuust makin' sure."

The only seats available from Alaska to Seattle were in the very back of the plane. Stern and I settled in and then saw who we were sharing our seats with.

Let's just say there was no room for an arm rest.  I've never rubbed bums with a complete stranger for three and a half hours before and I hope I don't have to ever again.

We should be getting some good karma from here on out. I'm sure of it!!