Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Chores & Family Home Evening

This has been a chorus in our home for years . . .

"Can someone get me some toilet paperrrrrrrrr!?!"

We have three bathrooms in our home and keeping them all well stocked for seven potty-using family members has always been a challenge.

No more!

  We have a chore system in our home that we use called Accountable Kids. Of course, it's been tweaked and twisted to fit our family needs but overall has worked nicely.

I have been doing FlyLady for about year and a half now. Trying to mesh the two has proven to be very challenging.

Stern on the other hand has this simple system of writing Dad chores on our white board and those chores have to be done before he gets home. This will include things like: weeding two rows in the garden, painting gutters, mowing the lawn, painting the fence, etc.

Keep going kids! You're almost done ~ sort of!

I finally decided all of my fanciness is way overrated, swallowed my pride (not easy!) and wrote "Mom Chores" on the board today.

All I did was look through my FlyLady stuff that I wanted to get done for the day and divvied it up between all of my kids. It was like magic! When each kid has a couple of 10 minutes jobs the whole house is clean in 30 minutes versus two hours if I did it alone!

** Side note: My tummy is getting larger and I don't want to bend over any more than I have to! **

 This brings me to the toilet paper. Cheroo (my 4-year-old) has the fabulous job every Monday of checking all of the bathrooms for toilet paper and making sure there are always five rolls under each sink. She loves it and feels so big!

And I no longer hear ~

"Can someone get me some toilet paperrrrrrrrrrr!?!"


Tonight was family night. Here's the video we watched and then talked about the consequences of good and bad choices. Short and sweet. We then headed to the park to play baseball in the rain with friends. Jedrick made chocolate chip cookies for treats but we ate them all day and there were none left for the evening. Yummy!